Echolink system


I have made an EchoLink node as I was inspired by OZ5ACI, Franks node activities with a cheap dual band radio from China and a surplus laptop. 

I already had 2 Baofeng UV-5R

so I ordered from USA.

I also had a mono band antenna for UHF I wanted use for that purpose.

When the adapter arrived I began, I put my adapter in an available usb port on my computer, and connected my Baofeng UV-5R, after that I set the EchoLink software up in sysop mode, with a little help from Frank. At first my little Baofeng stood indoors in its cradle and was transmitting one (1) watt and coverage was very local .

Then I looked for a clear UHF frequency, 433.025 in this case and added 82.5Hz CTCSS to keep things quiet. I found a piece of coax, mounted my mono band UHF antenna outside on the top of my chimney, 2-3 meters above ground, and connected the UV-5R, still only one watt. 

I started my car up and drove around town, I soon found out I had a reach of 2-4 km with dead spots where I could not reach my link. I had problems in densely built up areas in particular. Equipment in my car is a Yeasu FT-817, 1-5 watts on UHF. The antenna is a three-band antenna, model SG-9700 from Diamond on a mag mount.

After that it was time to try and run the system on 6 meters. In the car I have my, afore mentioned, FT-817 and a small amplifier for 50 mhz. At home I have a Yaesu FT-8900 cross band repeating to my UV-5R on 433.025 where my EchoLink node picks it up, I have to say it works really well, especially during the daytime.

I estimate I had a range of about 10-15 km running 5 watts on 6 meter from the car. With the amplifier running 50 watts I got about 20-35 km.

A new discovery 22-8-2014:

I was considering settling for running the system on UHF, so I connected my dual band VHF/UHF antenna that sits up in my mast to the UV-5R. It sits about 6 meters above ground in the backyard, still only 1 watt on UHF.

Again I started the car and drove and this time I had coverage in a 20 km radius. I think this is very well done with 1 watt. So this is my setup right now.

I have also downloaded EchoLink for my iPhone 4S so I can connect when I'm at work if I want.

We were a small group dropping in on the link as time allows: OZ5ACI, OZ2KEC, ZL3DMH, K2UH, KD2CYZ and of course visitors from other parts of the world. You are most welcome do drop by and give us a call if you feel like it, everyone is welcome.



link adapter
baofeng uv-5r reciver tranmitter
vhf uhf antenna 18 feet high
echolink on monitor
ft-8900 i can use when in shack and vx-5 when portabel around in arria
mobil antenna model diamond sg-9700 vhf uhf 50 mhz 6 meter the antenna can handel 100 watt and the swr is good at the all bands
setup with ft-817 amprifiere input 5 watt output 50 watt and a duplex filter and 6 meter 50 mhz for it self vhf-uhf 1-5 watt output

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Kunne du tænke dig et samarbejde om at huse en ASR repeater/koble din til ASR ??

73 de OZ1AWH Ole

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det ser godt ud..alt okay din ven Per oz1cf

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hek Christian fin side
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hilsen Mogens oz4ack

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