Gilleleje Repeater 434.850/-2Mhz/82.5Hz

Gilleleje uhf repeater

The repeater was started at the end of last millennium based on an expressed desire for a UHF repeater on the north coast of Zealand. In the middle of the nineties OZ3AAU, Michael and his friend OZ1GAI, Hans, formed a "repeater group".

The first experiments with a Storno UHF system on 434.975 MHz was performed in Ramløse at OZ3AAU, Michael.

The group was later joined by OZ3AAT, Luffe and actual "construction meetings" was held, in a pleasant laid back atmosphere resembling a "Wine & Dine Club" more than a engineering feat. Closed meetings are still held occasionally.

Actual field explorations took shape as the group expanded with OZ4ZI, Leif. The group still had various issues to iron out, such as squelch control, etc. - But a station had finally taken shape.

The studies in the field went on to find a suitable frequency. At that time the channel spacing wast still 25KHz. 434.975MHZ was an experimental frequency, and was not usable as such, at least on a permanent basis .

Search and testing led to a few frequencies that could be considered, 434.850 MHz was one of them.

Volunteers from the north coast and in the surrounding Copenhagen attended.

434.850 MHz was/is in use in Sweden to the North across Kattegat. Probing the Swedes showed that it was not a major issue as it was located on the North side of Hallandsåsen and shaded by this more than 200m high feature of the Swedish landscape.

In the area around Holte near Copenhagen OZ4ZI, Leif, and OZ3ACH, Stig, repeatedly tried to open repeaters on the frequency 434.850 MHZ, finding none.

Here on the north coast, nothing was heard either. Only in special circumstances with tropospheric ducting the Odense 434.850 MHz repeaeter was heard.

With these factors in mind, it was decided to locate the repeater in "Gilleleje Vandtårn" (water tower), into which had been obtained access to through a local amateur.

This location and not the Ramløse mast, was chosen because of the desire to be a local repeater. Mindfully so, to avoid disturbing, and being disturbed by other repeaters the transmitter power was set to aprx. 10 W.

During a visit to Jutland OZ1GAI, Hans, however obtained a PA from OZ1FAR, Dan. And power was increased somewhat.

OZ6MK, Mogens and OZ4ZI, decided to grant the group at Gilleleje Water Tower full disposal of the repeater.

Mogens was however the prime mover on the technical side, until the repeater group, due to lack of interest, transferred the license to one of the loacal amateurs in the area, OZ1KEC, Flemming.

Finally I, OZ2KEC, Christian took ownership of the repater, since, sadly, OZ1KEC went silent key in the spring 2014.

The repeater is due for an inspection this summer and more technical data will be posted as it is gathered, but base line is: Two Antennas at aprx. 56M ASL, 40W ERP from a TP-6000 from TP-Radio. Attenuation between TX and RX is about 90db. Thus separate TX and RX antenna operation is chosen.

Access to the repeater via Echolink is being considered.

See you on Gillleje UHF, 434.850 MHz, -2 MHz spacing, 82.5Hz CTCSS.


OZ2KEC, Christian

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13.01 | 18:20


Kunne du tænke dig et samarbejde om at huse en ASR repeater/koble din til ASR ??

73 de OZ1AWH Ole

04.11 | 02:04

det ser godt ud..alt okay din ven Per oz1cf

01.05 | 22:06

hek Christian fin side
vi snakkes ved på 6m
hilsen Mogens oz4ack

06.05 | 17:02
Tower har modtaget 1
Du kan lide denne side